windows98 wont read cd-rom

  DaviesLaur 22:36 13 Dec 04

hi , need a bit of help, windows 98 wont read data cd-rom but will play audio cd's ,system hangs when also trying to access cd-rom from my computer , any idea's wots wrong , thanks

  Graham ® 22:57 13 Dec 04

Uninstal the CD-ROM in Device Manager, reboot and Windows will find it and re-instal the drivers.

  DaviesLaur 23:05 13 Dec 04

graham, tried that mate but still didnt work

  Totally-braindead 23:09 13 Dec 04

Does it read any CDs apart from the audio ones, what I am trying to work out is if the cds faulty or if there is a problem with the drive. Try another cdrom disk and post back.

  DaviesLaur 23:17 13 Dec 04

yes have tried 3 in there, but it starts to load them then stops, but my sister loaded office 2000 on the pc ok, then after that no data cd's would load after , only play the audio ones

  Totally-braindead 23:24 13 Dec 04

Strange, are you sure its not a DVD rom you have? Reason I ask is DVD roms have 2 sets of lasers, its entirely possible for the lasers that read the CDroms to fail but the lasers to read the audio cds to still work or vice versa ( I have been told). If this isn't the case do you have a cd drive cleaner lying about as this may help.

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