hapcie 20:09 18 Mar 07

My windows98 has been crashing a lot lately, so I was adviced to format my C drive and reinstall windows 98. I tried doing this from the dos comand prompt, but for some reason it would not allow me to do this. My friend then informed me that I can reinstate windows98 by booting up the system with the windows98 Cd in it's drive. Which I tried and everything seemed to be loading up quit nicely. I followed the screen set up right upto when it stated that windows98 has been installed succesfully and my system will be shutting down to install windows98. This is were things went wrong.
The system shut down and then restarted, but the screen that came up only reflected a split screen the top part in blue showing the system set up and the botom part of the screen in blak with the words "Windows98 starting up" and froze.
I've tried re doing the whole proces over again but to no avail. Can anyone help me with this problem?

  p;3 20:14 18 Mar 07

I know it is a tad late in the day but do you know why the pc was crashing ? (I am on win 98se and mine is 'touch wood' very stable )

I expect that if woodchip sees this thread he may dive in

  woodchip 20:17 18 Mar 07

Try this, put your Win98se CD in comp go to Run Box type

SFC press enter then run the program to look for corrupt files. After that. Double click My Computer Right click the C:\Drive Click Properties\Tools\Scandisk put a tick in box to auto fix problems and run the program.

See how it goes and come back for more info if you need it

  woodchip 20:18 18 Mar 07

p:3 you must have seen me site down

  p;3 20:23 18 Mar 07

me can no c who is logged in.....shame .........but me no have the control buttons neither .....

but was I right or was I right that you would find this thread ::))

  woodchip 20:26 18 Mar 07

Could be. You know what I am for 98se

  LastChip 20:28 18 Mar 07

The problem you now face is that it may not have Windows that was causing the crashes (as p;3 has already suggested).

Other causes could be your hard drive beginning to fail or even a memory fault.

Sorry to sound gloomy after the event, but it's always advisable to do some diagnosis before carrying out major surgery!

  hapcie 20:28 18 Mar 07

Thanks for your prompt reply.

P;3 in answer to your question, I downloaded a piece of software from the net and my system strated crashing. I had deleted this package but it caused more problems than it was worth. That is why i have tried to reinstate windows98.

Woodchio, I cnnot get beyond the first screen, once this comes up saying Aspire TM, the following screen is as discribed in my first posting. The second screen freezes and I cannot access anything after that.

  hapcie 20:33 18 Mar 07


You might have a point I have been getting memory problems coming up on screen and worst still is the fact that my friend suspected that it could be my hard drive giving up the ghost!! would that it was easy just to buy and install a new hard drive. think this wil work?

  p;3 20:34 18 Mar 07

may one ask what the piece of software was that caused this ?

I guess you are past the point of 'no return 'now with the changes?

sometimes it helps to seek advise before you begin such drastic measures as there may be alternatives out there

  woodchip 20:38 18 Mar 07

Disable your Anti-Virus in Run box type msconfig, go to startup tab remove the tick for your AV make sure it's all stopped. Then put your win98se disc in comp and run 98se setup over it's self. Then see how it goes

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