windows7 reinstalling prob,s

  trevpow 16:29 13 Aug 10

i have just reinstalled win7 on laptop it seem,s to have gone ok let me set up all setting,s etc,but on reboot i get this please wait...up drv ltr:unknown any help would be great thank you

  rawprawn 16:42 13 Aug 10

Have you left the CD in the drive?

  trevpow 16:47 13 Aug 10

yes think so

  trevpow 16:48 13 Aug 10

took cd out but still the same

  rawprawn 18:14 13 Aug 10

Can you boot in safe mode? keep tapping F8 as you boot up to get into safe mode

  trevpow 18:21 13 Aug 10

yes but still no luck with this

  sunnystaines 18:29 13 Aug 10

might be worth yet another fresh instal, last one got corrupted.

  trevpow 18:43 13 Aug 10

did try but the same thing come up...please wait...up drv ltr unknown..

  rdave13 18:54 13 Aug 10

Shot in the dark here but check in device manager that the optical drive is working ok.

  trevpow 19:11 13 Aug 10

the promblem is i cant boot up...i get command prompt to plz wait..up drv ltr..unknown

  rdave13 19:18 13 Aug 10

Another shot in the dark, unfortunately, can you enter the bios and see if the harddrive is recognised? I could be that it doesn't boot as it's not seeing the drive.

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