windows xp won,t install stops at 34 mins to go

I bought new computer a few months ago, i damaged my prossessor,, plus motherboard, so i decided to build new one from scratch,, ie new board, hard drive, graphics card,, etc,, i purchased new sealed windows xp home edition, and itstalled it on one computer,, but can,t get it to fully install and my new set up,, for some reason my computer shuts down when 34 mins to go,, i,ve have also another cd with xp this came with the new computer i had damaged,, and that does the same any idea,s please both software cd,s are oem ???

  smegs 13:18 01 Oct 03

FDisk & Format. click here

  smegs 13:22 01 Oct 03

click here;en-us;Q255867

thanks smegs, i will try again,, but i don,t have a prob with format or fdisk cos the installation for windows does all that for me ,, i do boot up with cd ,, but i still can,it understand everything is fine till there,s 34 mins to go

  JIM 16:07 01 Oct 03

Not to sure if you said that you had new memory on this new build,but there was a problem with some type's of memory with a XP/INSTALL that i can recall.

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