windows xp virtual memory hang-up

  Dasmad 02 Dec 12

my old laptop, amilo m-series (40 gb hdd,9gb free 1.27mb ram) is still my main machine, and I used it to install a new satellite internet service and wifi router. the installation completed and internet radio and netbook working perfectly via wifi, i disconnected the LAN cable from the router and attempted to connect via wifi with the laptop. the usual error message "windows short of virtual memory ........increasing paging file etc. appeared , but it was unable to sort itself out, the pc hung up and I had to manually shut down. a week later, I'm still trying to sort it.....things are fine until I try to connect with wifi, when the same message arrives and I end upp with a manual shutdown. please dig me out of this hole, anybody

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 02 Dec 12

(40 gb hdd,9gb free 1.27mb ram)

Your short on disk space.

and when using the wifi to connect, more virtual memory is require, that needs more disk space so it hangs when not enough room for virtual memeory.

Use something like CCleaner to clear all the rubbish from the machine - cut down on restore points - delete programs you no longer use - move data to external drives.

  Secret-Squirrel 02 Dec 12

"1.27mb ram"

Dasmad, can you confirm how much RAM the laptop has exactly. If you're unsure then you'll find that info via Control Panel -> System.

  Dasmad 02 Dec 12

thanks - I take all points made. I've already defragged and c-cleaned, and I think there should be enough memory to increase as windows needs - I've tried letting it take what it wants, but need to try max and min, if and when I can restart, which is now a problem. I meant 1.27gb ram. and I will try to run chkdsk as soon as I get in. there's something about the wireless process that sends it loopy ! any more ideas I'm still interested ?


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