windows xp validation

  h_khabbazan316 09:49 12 May 08

following a previous problem which resulted in me having to buy a new graphics card, i started getting an error message everytime i logge donto windows saying that i need to validate my copy of it. however every product key that i can try doesn't work i have even tried phoning up microsoft and they issued me with a new id key however this one still doesn't work. can anyone please help

  h_khabbazan316 09:50 12 May 08

and now when i try to log onto windows it says i have to validate it but it won't validate

  xania 11:46 12 May 08

You should ring up MS again and explain the problem. When they give you the new code, enter it before you close your communication so that any typos can be ironed out.

  h_khabbazan316 14:46 12 May 08

i did that and the code they gave me didn't work omg they are no help at all iv spent the last 4 hours formatting my pc losing all my work and reinstalling everything. microsoft sucks

  xania 15:51 13 May 08

You should stay on the phone until you have inserted the code you have been given and proved that it works.

  h_khabbazan316 18:01 13 May 08

thats what i did i stayed on the fone while i typed it in one handed and it still didn't work

  Miké 19:05 13 May 08

"thats what i did i stayed on the fone while i typed it in one handed and it still didn't work"

And what did they say when you told them the code didn't work?

  h_khabbazan316 21:05 13 May 08

they said for me to fone up the technicle support for the manufacturer of the computer

  Miké 22:41 13 May 08

So is your XP an oem version? If it is then phoning the manufacurer is a good idea!

  h_khabbazan316 23:05 13 May 08

i did and the manufacturer said the best idea would be to format the pc and to start afresh thats what the manufacturer said

  lotvic 23:18 13 May 08

Windows XP Does Not Validate click here
scroll down the page and try the solutions offered for OEM XP

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