Windows XP - upgrade or full?

  Red Flag 13:33 06 May 03

I have decide to upgrade my operating system from W98 to XP.

Would people recommend using the upgrade version or going the whole hog and buying the full installation version. I'm not really bothered about the difference in price.

Also, am I right in thinking that W98 cannot only support a maximum of 512mb of RAM whereas XP can support much more?

  Act of Kindness 13:46 06 May 03

DO NOT UPGRADE.. For trouble free computing in XP carry out a full clean installation..

  Lozzy 13:52 06 May 03

As "Act of Kindness" has stated the best way is clean installation of XP. However you can buy and use the upgrade version but when asked/prompted during the wizard alter it from Recommended to Full Installation which re formats your hard drive alter the file system to NTFS. Also do not forget to back up all your data before starting as you will loose it..

  vaughan007 14:51 06 May 03


Do a full install. Less likely to get probs.

  Red Flag 14:58 06 May 03

I thought that full would be the way to go but just like to be reassured.

Anyway now the answer to the memory question. I have 512mb at the moment but would like to at least double this.

  soy 15:19 06 May 03

Windows 98 can only handle up to 512. Xp can handle up to 2GB memory.

  Red Flag 15:20 06 May 03

Thats sold it to me then.

Cheers everyone

  Djohn 15:53 06 May 03

and buy the up-grade version, it is exactly the same disk. You can still do a clean install with the only difference being, that when you start the install, you will be asked to insert your qualifying CD.

Pop it in and it will take a couple of seconds to check, then replace your XP CD, and the install will continue. J.

  Rayuk 17:33 06 May 03

If you are also going to buy memory you can buy the full edition of WinXP oem for less than the price of the upgrade.
ie click here

  Rayuk 17:34 06 May 03

Sorry wrong link right company just go to products/software

  powerless 19:33 06 May 03


Windows XP can take up to 4GB memory.

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