Windows XP upgrade

  barnettgs 20:44 22 Jul 03

I have a computer with Windows Me operating system and a Restore Me CD. Windows Me software is in hidden part of my HDD.

The problem is that I want a clean install of Windows XP and I don't have Win Me CD.

I have a Windows Me sticker with product code on my PC case, is it any use? And could it be used for a clean install Windows XP without Window Me CD?

  Lozzy 20:47 22 Jul 03

Yes you can do a clean install of XP with using an upgrade version of XP. Whilst in win ME insert the XP upgrade CD follow the wizard for installation then at the point where it says recommended installation alter that by way of the drop down arrow to Full Installation . Making sure of course that you have backed up all your data first. Then it will restart your PC and carry out a full format and when prompted choose file system NTFS.

  User-312386 20:52 22 Jul 03

No you cant

As barnettgs has said he only has a "Restore CD", so he wont have the ME Disc when XP asks for it

barnettgs. What you have to do is beg steal or borrow an ME disc and when XP asks for it pop it in.

You are not doing anything wrong as (i assume) you do have a Licence key for ME


  Djohn 20:54 22 Jul 03

madboy33®© is correct! XP will ask for qualifying CD to be inserted. j.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:55 22 Jul 03

Why not reformat using fdisk to delete all the partitions and do a clean install of XP? I assume that you have a full version XP disc. click here?


  User-312386 21:01 22 Jul 03

The Title says "Windows XP upgrade"

  barnettgs 21:09 22 Jul 03

I'm planning to buy windows XP upgrade as it is cheaper than full version.

And of course, I do have Licence key for Win Me on sticker of my PC case and plan to install windows XP on that same computer.

  Djohn 21:15 22 Jul 03

The up-grade version is exactly the same as the full version, and is worth the saving in cost, but you must have a qualifying O/S CD to start with.

You have the O/S and the product key, but not the CD. Do as madboy33®© says, it is perfectly legal. j.

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