Windows XP updates

  Schopenhauer 17:42 27 Sep 06

Having had occasion repair an XP installation with a recovery disc all went well until it was time to restart, when the system became locked into an endless cycle of restarts. It seems to be about to load the 'Welcome' screen and then starts again. The cause of the original repair was that when shutting down the Shut Down button had the Update shield on it. I let it do it's thing but it seemed to take an exeptionally long time and to keep returnig to the second of two updates. This went on so long I switched off with the on/off button. The two things seem to me to be linked. Has anyone else had such a problem? All advice welcomed.

  VoG II 17:43 27 Sep 06
  Schopenhauer 21:30 28 Sep 06

That will do the trick, thanks

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