Windows XP update Msvcrt.dll error

  ThePharcyde007 09:22 10 Nov 05

I am running WMC2005, and rebuilt my PC yesterday.
When I am clicking Windows update, it comes up with a debug in IE and when I look at the Msvcrt.dll. I have stumbled accross this?

Anyone else had this issue.

click here

I dont want to have to rebuild again, because I am sure nothing is wrong with the drivers etc I have used, because they are all saved onto a backup drive and are the same?!?


  De Marcus™ 09:24 10 Nov 05

Have you tried running the system file checker?

  ThePharcyde007 09:30 10 Nov 05

No not as yet i am at work, so will try this evening. I was trying to copy from the winddows disc in yhr I386, but its protected, and did not have time this morning, to go into dos and copy and paste it that way.

What do I do go into the run command and type:

Thank you

  De Marcus™ 09:30 10 Nov 05

sfc /scannow

  De Marcus™ 09:31 10 Nov 05

Is the Msvcrt.dll causing the problem?

If so you can get it from click here

  ThePharcyde007 09:32 10 Nov 05

does this automactically fix any errors?

  De Marcus™ 09:33 10 Nov 05

Some info on SFC click here

  ThePharcyde007 09:34 10 Nov 05

I have the file on my Windows Disc. Because its protected in the normal windows environment, even in safe mode, the only way I think is starting pc in safe mode command prompt and doing it that way.

  De Marcus™ 09:34 10 Nov 05

click here from the horses mouth ;-)

  De Marcus™ 09:35 10 Nov 05

No need, download the file from the click here above and copy it into the directory. Failing that run the sfc.

  ThePharcyde007 09:52 10 Nov 05

Cheers De Marcus, looks food "click here" looks good.

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