windows xp update

  tarkus 23:16 09 May 03

has anyone had any automatic updates from windows xp update site lately. i don't seem to have had any for about 10 days and if i go to the update site it tells me that there are no updates available, even though there were 2 driver updates there the last time i looked, and i know i haven't downloaded those

  alan in spain 23:26 09 May 03

not sure if my problem is the same as yours tarkus but i keep going to windows updates and it tells me there are 7 to download. I have tried on numerous occasions to download them but the screen just hangs on "peparing to install"

something isnt right with the site i think

good luck ( i'm not having any with it )

alan in spain

  simon1003 23:28 09 May 03

Microsoft might be a tad coy about auto updates at the moment, especially after the cockup with a recent patch. See my post entitled 'xp performance problems'.

  simon1003 23:31 09 May 03

.. or just look here, and see if you have this 'patch' installed, I uninstalled it and saw a dramatic performance increase...
click here

  bvw in bristol 23:46 09 May 03

Try linking to Windows Update through here: click here

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