windows XP 'Update'

  fsssh 02:08 18 Jan 03
  fsssh 02:08 18 Jan 03

does anyone have any trouble with this 'feature'? as it seems to take forever to update over my 56k connection at home (in the 4 months i've had this PC its only got to 23%, and i'm on the internet every day) i decided to just get service pack 1 thinking that that would have all the updates on it. i've just installed it and rebooted and it still wants to download stuff off the internet. whats up with this? how can i get to the screen where it asks you to check the boxes you want to download? i can't find it anywhere.

  jazzypop 02:12 18 Jan 03

I really wouldn't bother trying to download SP1 over a modem. Get it from a cover disk, or get one free from Microsoft.

The Update is in two parts - the first part assesses what you need, the second part is up to 147MB!

But I would get it.

  fsssh 02:50 18 Jan 03

i've got sp1 over the internet already via the connection at university - took about a minute to download 130Mb! finally managed to get it home too on 2 zipsdisks. i have already installed it, surely it should have updated everthing whether i needed it or not? it didn't give me any prompts along the way, just said that service pack 1 was now installed. it doesn't seem to have made any difference to windows update tho!

  Lozzy 03:31 18 Jan 03

Have you defraged and scand disk recently?? What OS are you using??

If you downloaded 130mb in one min what connection do you have as I would like one.. I have a T1 connection that is the fastest I am aware of but it does not download that quick.. So spill the beans!!!

  fsssh 04:30 18 Jan 03

its a university network, not sure of the specifics but its all fiberoptics and has a huge bandwidth which at 3 in the morning is nearly all mine!

  fsssh 04:32 18 Jan 03

oh, and i'm using XP home, hence the need to sort out windows XP update :-)
defrad and scandisk both come up ok.

  crx16 04:35 18 Jan 03

how can i get to the screen where it asks you to check the boxes you want to download? click start,windows update should be's also in 'favourites'.

  watchful 12:58 18 Jan 03

You can get to that screen you ask about by going: Start/Control Panel/Windows update - left-hand side panel.

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