Windows XP TV Capture Card Choice

  beastieboy 14:03 13 Jan 03
  beastieboy 14:03 13 Jan 03


Just a basic questiuon:

Hauppauge or Pinnacle?

I want tyo be able to view good quality TV and also be able to record it.


  tigger2406 14:25 13 Jan 03

I have the model below this one (click here) and it's very good. Highly recommended.

  beastieboy 14:32 13 Jan 03

Any other ones out there?


  graham 14:33 13 Jan 03

Having tried them I would rate them 1st Pinnacle, 2nd Hauppauge, worst ATI. Now if I could find one that didn't wreck my computer...

  beastieboy 14:42 13 Jan 03

I've just got the ATi 9700 Pro as the graphics card with no TV-in so just looking for the TV tuner.



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