windows xp start up problem

  dek26 23:26 07 Jul 03

i have just formatted and put xp on and when i get 2 the welcome screen i hear a sound that i havent heard b4 then when the desktop appears there is a message sayin cant find lostrun.exe and it has a red cross next 2 it any1 have any idea wot this could be.

  AndySD 23:45 07 Jul 03

Do you get into windows?

If you can and your motherboard chipset is via then go to the windows update site .... I believe there is a fix for this.... also have you installed the motherboard drivers yet?

It may also be worth running chkdsk open My Computer, right click the drive, and choose Properties. On the Tools tab, click the "Check Now" button. Check either or both (I usually check both) boxes, and click Start. If the disk contains locked files, CHKDSK cannot run immediately, but will ask if you want it to run at the next reboot.

  dek26 23:48 07 Jul 03

yeah i get in2 windows and yeah i have installed all the drivers

  jazzypop 23:48 07 Jul 03

There are over 150 references to lostrun.exe in the MS Knowledgebase. Are there any other error messages that can help to narrow this problem down a bit?

Do you have any errors listed in Event Viewer (right-click My Computer, choose Manage)?

  dek26 23:59 07 Jul 03

yeah i have 3 error listed application error records, security audit records, system error records.

  jazzypop 00:02 08 Jul 03

They are the three main categories that errors can be listed under. If you click the System icon in the left frame, are there any errors listed on the right with a red cross beside them? If so, what do they say?

Check the Security and Application logs too.

  dek26 00:12 08 Jul 03

ok i clicked on event viewer then clicked system and a list appeared and in that list there was 3 things that have a red cross beside them 2 of them say w32time and the 3rd says setup.

  jazzypop 00:23 08 Jul 03

If you double-click the setup error, you should get a box appear that has more detailed information.

Can you copy and paste the information here?

The w32time error is unlikely to be the cause - it is the service that connects to the internet periodically, and updates your PC's clock.

  dek26 00:29 08 Jul 03

windows setup encountered a non-fatal error diring installation. Please check the setuperr.log found in your windows directory for more information.

  dek26 13:31 09 Jul 03

thanks all 4 ur help cheers.

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