windows xp SP2 Installed

  User-312386 01:37 22 Jan 04

Hi all

I have just installed windows XP SP2

will report back with what i think of it

  Jester2K 07:22 22 Jan 04

No you haven't.

Its a Beta.

Is it wise?

  AubreyS 07:31 22 Jan 04

I'm not even happy about installing the tried & tested version let alone a beta version.

  Lozzy 08:28 22 Jan 04

I reckon you should alter your name to BRAVEBOY!!! Let us know what you think to it..

  User-312386 08:40 22 Jan 04

You are right it is a beta of XPSP2.

its looking good so far guys.

Jester with regards to being wise. I was!

I took an image of my drive with DI7 before installing.

  Stuartli 09:14 22 Jan 04

A case of a British or American version of a salute to the doubters then....:-))

  Stuartli 09:23 22 Jan 04

Ironically I've just offered to be a beta tester for Tiscali's forthcoming SecurePC facility, being launched in conjunction with Symantec.

There's a valuable bonus if you are selected..:-)

  User-312386 23:57 22 Jan 04

1 pop up stopper is good

2 web pages load faster

3 boot up time has increased (yes got slower)

4 I like my desktop to have a toolbar at the top with Floppy drive, drive c, d etc etc on top (above snoopys head) click here . However, since XPSP2 it reduces the size to this click here Just a little bug but i am sure M$ will fix it

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