Windows XP shutdown problems

  Larry Lamb 09:19 02 Aug 07

My sons computer takes about 7 to 10 minutes to close/power down, it clears the desktop and there is hard disk activity but then it just stands there with the hard disk light on. I have carried out the usual fixes disble clearpagefile on shutdown, disable terminal services, started it in safe mode, used msconfig to disable suspects, checked end task to make sure that there is no programs running etc none of which solves the problem. Any one any ideas that may solve the problem for us.

  Technotiger 09:23 02 Aug 07

Have you checked in Processes to see if one is hogging the CPU at perhaps 99%, this would certainly slow everything down.

  Technotiger 09:24 02 Aug 07

Another thing which could cause slow shutdown, is any Auto Defrag program.

is it slower in terms of getting to the turn off part
ie closing down windows/save settings or slower powering down

some shutdown and powerdown fixes
click here
possibly something in the link you havent tried

  Larry Lamb 11:41 02 Aug 07

Thanks guys for your info' Raven I have tried all of the suggestions on click the (aumha site), no Auto Defrag running, its after the closing down windows/save settings that the hard disk LED stays on before eventually powering down/off. Tecnotiger, Yes I checked the processes and everything seems normal. Please keep your suggestions coming as I am now at me wits end and each day my son 'phones to see if his computer is sorted.

  iarno 14:21 02 Aug 07

Try this.

Shutdown Icon
Right click on the desktop.
Click [New]; [Shortcut]; to open the “Create Shortcut Wizard”.
Type [shutdown -s –t 00] without the brackets.
Click [Next] and type a descriptive name of your choosing for the shortcut.
Click [Finish].
Right click the shortcut you just created, click [Properties] and select the [shortcut] tab. Click [Change Icon] and choose from what is displayed.

Reboot Icon
Do as above but change the [-s] for [-r].

It works for most.


  Larry Lamb 15:50 02 Aug 07

Thanks iarno I shall try your suggestion this evening when I get home.

  Larry Lamb 19:36 02 Aug 07

Iarno just tried your suggestion, “Create Shortcut Wizard”, in the "Type the location of the item" I typed [shutdown -s –t 00], next and the error message came up with "the file shutdown -s –t cannot be found, what am I doing wrong?

  iarno 21:00 02 Aug 07

Larry Lamb
when you type in shutdown -s -t 00 do not insert the brackets. have another go,


  iarno 11:41 03 Aug 07

Larry Lamb.
Any luck? Have you tried it without the brackets?


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