Windows Xp Shutdown

  Billy Nomates 10:39 26 Apr 03

When I shutdown Xp it restarts itself. I have tried disabling the automatic restart but when I do I get the blue screen with an error message. I have to reenable the automatic restart to get Xp running properly again. Can anybody help

  VoG™ 10:51 26 Apr 03

A few ideas click here

  powerless 18:56 26 Apr 03

Do you have Roxio installed?

  powerless 23:43 26 Apr 03

"Yes I have Easy Creator 5 Platinum installed"


You need to go to the website and download and install the updates, this will stop XP restarting itself.

click here

  Peverelli 22:42 27 Apr 03

I've not been able to power off the PC ever since I upgraded to XP but one of the tips from your link has provided me with the answer.

  VoG™ 22:44 27 Apr 03

You're welcome.

I had the same problem myself when I first upgraded to XP.

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