windows xp sevice packs

I read somewhere that a windows update was being made available in june (sp2 or something)as a complete novice with windows xp do I get this for free, or will it be available as an upgrade such as win98 to win me.costing £xxx

  VoG II 17:05 01 Apr 04

Free download.

  leo49 17:06 01 Apr 04

It'll be free,like normal Service packs.[As I understand it].

  medicine hat 17:15 01 Apr 04

If you have a dial-up internet connection then you may prefer alternative ways of getting hold of SP2. You may be able to order it from Microsoft on disk (as many on this forum did with SP1) or await its appearance on a magazine cover disk

  Forum Editor 18:04 01 Apr 04

hasn't yet been finalised, but be warbed - it will be very large.

I started beta testing SP2 some time ago, and there have been several refreshes - each new version has been a pretty hefty download, well in excess of 200Mb, so people on a 56k connection will have to be offered an alternative means of getting the code. There will obviously be CDs available from Microsoft on request, but if ever I saw a candidate for magazine cover CDs this is it.

I'm going to ask the Microsoft press office if they can let me have some clear indications and I'll let you know.

  Forum Editor 18:06 01 Apr 04

apologies - be warned. The difference between sense and nonsense is only a single keyspace.

  AubreyS 18:10 01 Apr 04
  romanab 18:16 01 Apr 04

I'll wait with interest for ms response as I know they have a problem with letting magazines distribute thier service packs/patches on cover CD's which,and I think everyone on a dial up will agree, is quite ridiculous.

  Forum Editor 18:17 01 Apr 04

So I'm not so stupid after all.

Not a word from anyone..............OK?

  Forum Editor 18:19 01 Apr 04

to the MS press office. They're always very efficient, and I hope to have an answer within a day.

  Totally-braindead 18:41 01 Apr 04

FE you shouldn't have said that, its tempting fate you know. Now you'll never get a reply.

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