windows xp reload verification problem

  el jimbo2 22 Dec 12

I am in the process of reloading win xp, and its virtually done.

My problem is that as it restarts it asks for verification, I press the yes option, and then nothing happens. I cannot actually get into windows. My windows xp is legitimate and I put in the genuine key during the installation process earlier.

I cannot re-install as it will no longer boot of the win xp disc.

  rdave13 22 Dec 12

What was the problem so that you needed to reinstall XP originally? Could be the hard drive failing.

A random thought... I've spent the last hour reinstalling XP (Ninite is currently running...) My heart sank when, after the reinstall, I got an error saying "error loading operating system". Fortunately, just before I did the install over again, I remembered that some PCs will try to boot off the USB drive if there is one - and I'd inserted one with the drivers on it. I removed the USB drive - and the PC happily booted. I guess what I'm saying is - your problem couldn't be being caused by a USB drive, could it?

  rdave13 22 Dec 12

That's a good one Ian in Northampton.

  lotvic 22 Dec 12

Do you mean it asks for Activation? (not verification)

if so tell it no, you will activate later (when you have got the internet connection set up)

  bumpkin 22 Dec 12

Will it boot from the HDD if you remove the CD?

  el jimbo2 22 Dec 12

Hdd is new.

No usb drive connected.

Yes it is asking for activation.Normally I say no and it will give me 30 days for activation. Now it will not let me log on untill it activates.

It is not booting off the cd at all, whether cd is in or not makes no difference.

Internet connection is rj45, and working fine before the re=install.

  rdave13 22 Dec 12

Can you reformat the drive, in a caddy, using another PC?

  el jimbo2 22 Dec 12

rdave13, I don't know how to do it.

I don't want to damage another pc.

  rdave13 22 Dec 12

Remove the drive then boot up to see if you get any errors from the bios. If you get something like 'no boot media' then it will be the hard drive that has problems.

  lotvic 22 Dec 12

or with the cd set as first boot device you could 'press any key' at bios prompt to boot from the cd-drive instead of letting it try to boot into the messed up xp hard drive install.


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