Windows XP programs shown on hd but not in all pro

  monitor 08:47 02 Jan 03
  monitor 08:47 02 Jan 03

The prob I have is that I had to run XP repair and since running,all the programs are shown in the program file on my hard drive but when I click on start,most of the programs they are not listed
You can run programs by opening hard drive and clicking on them but I have no way to run from my desktop
Is there anyway to get them to list in all programs without haveing to reinstall?

  DieSse 11:37 02 Jan 03

Use explorer to navigate to Douments and settings - All Users - Start Menu.

You will get the list of programs that you see in the All Programs menus. You can add to them as you wish by creating a shortcut to the programs wherever you want.

Confusion/changes of Users can cause this to happen - did you create a new User when you re-installed?

  monitor 22:52 02 Jan 03

Hi DieSse
Thanks for your suggestion have tried but the programs that are on Hard Drive are still not displayed from (START)(ALL PROGRAMS)
Short cut icon install on desktop can excecute program from short cut
But still can't understand why programs on hard drive not shown in program list?
I did not create new user after running XP repair
Wondering if I have to uninstall and reinstall programs to get them to appear in ALL PROGRAM list

Regards Moniter

  Why Am I Here? 23:05 02 Jan 03

Running repair is like doing a reinstall and may mean programs will not work unless reinstalled. If you had SP1 or any updates installed these will have all been lost meaning a reinstall of them. XP may be the best Windows yet but is a pig if anything goes wrong. You may not be able to reinstall some programs until you uninstall them. But you may not be able to uninstall them which means a trawl through the registry to remove all traces. Good luck - I've been there and done that (at times I wish I'd done a clean install!!!!!)

  DieSse 23:17 02 Jan 03

If you use explorer, you will see all the different places that Start Menu folders are held. By experimentation, you should be able to find which one is the one being selected for display. you can then put shrtcuts to the programs you want into this folder.

If you right-click on "All Programs" - you should get a menu with "Open All Users" - does that show them all?? - Does just "Open" show them all?

  monitor 23:46 03 Jan 03

Just want to thank everyone for their help problem now sorted

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