Windows XP profile settings problems

  coxonsglasses 11:12 16 Aug 06

Hi everyone, got a problem with my laptop that I can't figure out for the life of me!

A couple of weeks ago, I turned it on and - god knows why - the system seemed to have restarted itself and set everything back to it's default settings. Everything (my desktop icons, wallpaper, cursors, sounds, Start menu,
emails, favourites, etc) that personalised my computer had to be reset, which took a good couple of hours. I thought nothing of it, except being a bit peed off, until I turned the laptop on again last week and, despite my tinkering, IT HAD DONE EXACTLY THE SAME THING, AAAARGH! So I gave up that time - I didn't want to spend another two hours on it for no reason. It was horrible; the first time, when I turned the laptop on and saw that 'My Documents' etc had disappeared, I thought that it had wiped itself and was beside myself with worry that everything had been lost! Fortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case, but any suggestions as to why it's doing this and solutions would be great. A friend who's a PC whizz said that it's a file in Windows that's got corrupted, but doesn't know how to fix it...

I've just turned it on again for the third time in the past few weeks and it's still doing it :(

So yeah, any help/solutions would be fantastic, thanks very much in advance :)

  ArrGee 13:24 16 Aug 06

Might be an idea to back-up all required files and re-install Windows.

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