Windows XP Product Code Missing

  Paul-294718 18:16 11 Jun 03

Has anybody experienced either losing or not being supplied with a Product Key Code, particularly for Windows XP.

I have gone back to Multivision who supplied the PC and then to Microsoft who told me to go back to the supplier and do not let them fob you off. But they did in a E-mail, saying that I would have to purchase a new code.

Where to now ???

  Mankster 18:20 11 Jun 03

I Would have a word with your local trading standards regarding your rights.

  hugh-265156 18:22 11 Jun 03

if you have already installed it click here will list the product key under

software/licences tab

  barrie_g 18:38 11 Jun 03

if the system you bought came pre-installed with xp there should be a sticker on the case somewhere with the product key on it.

  Paul-294718 18:53 11 Jun 03

What exactly do I have to do on this site?

  -pops- 18:55 11 Jun 03

Download Aida, give her a run and you should be able to find the product key from the results offered.

  hugh-265156 18:56 11 Jun 03

just click on personal system information .exe link and download it.

click on the download and install aida32.

it will give you lots of useful info on your system,everything from motherboard info,software installed to product keys etc etc etc.

great little program.

  mikef™ 19:04 11 Jun 03

Go to click here and download a small program called keyfinder which will tell you the product code.

  Paul-294718 21:24 11 Jun 03

Many thanks guy both worked a treat.

No thanks to Multivision again for providing poor
after sales support.

Jag Mann you need to get a grip.

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