Windows Xp, Pro VLM

  Thomo1 22:29 23 Jan 06

What is this??

**short but sweet** lol

  Mark5001 23:04 23 Jan 06

It's a virtual loadable module, which reloads several other vlm modules and is the interface between the dos shell and the network shell.
It's used for several network services like printing to the network.It's a substitution for the older netx.

  Thomo1 23:11 23 Jan 06

O rite.....

I thought is was some name for Windows Corp edition.

I have Virtual PC for my college course and i have a set of discs with all 95-XP editions on it that i have borrowed off my course lecturor in order to create single OS discs to load into VPC to see each OS in its default settings.

On the notes i have though it says on the disc should be Xp Pro Retail, Xp Pro OEM, XP Pro Corp and Xp Media Centre.

Retail, OEM and MC are on there and so is this VLM which i thought was the corp edition??

This is completly educational as well, i have no keys for these OS and no intentions of getting any as i also have a program that came with VPC to allow me to bypass the activation requests within the VPC, it wonk work on stand alone raw installs, the discs are only designed to work with VPC.

  DieSse 00:18 24 Jan 06

VLM stands for Volume Licence Media - in other words a corporate or volume licence copy.

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