Windows XP Pro Product Key and 2 Options

  mark3986 05 Sep 11

Hello Ive managed to get my mums computer back to XP and the internet is working fine now but i carnt find where i enter the product key and does anybody know where i can get one from please?. and also when i start the computer up theres 2 Windows XP options how do i get rid of one and im also getting a blue screen every now and again when logging off or changing user its just a light blue blank screen Thanks

  spuds 05 Sep 11

If its a complete reformat, then a reminder or screen for registering the product should appear. Fill in the details and then register. The product details should be on a sticker fixed to the computer. If you do not have a sticker, then the details might be made available by using SIW or JellyBean, both of which are downloadable from the internet.

I am not sure what you mean by 2 Windows XP options. Can you explain further?.

With regards to the blue screen, is this asking for administrator login details?.

  lotvic 05 Sep 11

How did you manage to get your mums computer back to XP?

Please tell us what you did and the make and model of pc and the harddrive partitions that you have and what they contain.

"when i start the computer up theres 2 Windows XP options"

It sounds as if you have done a parallel install.

  onthelimit1 05 Sep 11

Boot options (to remove one of the two)


  mark3986 05 Sep 11

Spuds... well when i start the computer up i get a option of 2windows xp and it says that if i dont select one after the 30 seconds the option its already on will be selected bluescreen it comes on a blank screen when i log in on any of the 2 accounts. lotvic... well i put my windows 7 disk in booted it up and cleared the HD that it was on formatted it and then i put my XP on it booted up with it and installed it

  mark3986 05 Sep 11

lotvic sorry its a Pc world E machine its a 105


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