windows xp pro not booting

running xp pro sp2. last night i was on the internet and it was running slow, the computer had been on for a while so rather than wait I shut it down. when it started it would not boot and came up with the following error code 0x00000024 (0x001902f8,0xf7c8620c,0xf7c85f0c,0x00000000) the message also recommends run chkdsk /f. I have tried to repair using the xp installation disk but it will not repair. I have no windows repair disk and no bootable cd. Is there any way of getting xp to boot up?
Many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:51 28 Nov 08

This stop error means that your ntfs file system is corrupt (damage in the file system, bad hard drive data, corrupt SCSI or IDE drivers or a corrupt ntfs.sys file).

How do I resolve the problem?

If you are unable to load Windows. Then you should try to access your ntfs partitions by making a ntfs boot disk with NTFS4DOS (freeware). You can download it from click here You will need a floppy disk.

After you load the bootable floppy disk onto your damaged system, select either option one (1) or option three (3). If you selected option one (1), type chkdsk /r at the command prompt, and your problem should go away after the disk has been repaired.

Note! Unfortunately there is a chance that your partition is corrupt beyond repair and all of your data is lost. In that case, you need to reformat the partition to be able to use it again.

Additional information can be found at click here;en-us;Q228888

  johndrew 15:00 28 Nov 08

`I have tried to repair using the xp installation disk but it will not repair.`

Did you try to `Repair` the installation, ie overwrite what was on the hdd with the OS on the CD, or did you try to run `chkdsk /f` from the Recovery Console?

Boot from the XP installation disk and enter the Recovery Console click here when you get to the Command Prompt type `chkdsk /f`.

You may also find this useful click here

  johndrew 15:08 28 Nov 08

Must learn to type faster, but Fruit Bat /\0/\ is more knowledgeable than me on such things anyway!!

  Sea Urchin 16:12 28 Nov 08

Broken link on Fruit Bat /\0/\'s posting - hopefully this one works OK

click here

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