windows xp pro loses sound after a period of time.

  thesut 21:31 29 Apr 04

when i come to use my pc after a period of non activity 3o minutes,approx, the sound disappears. if i reboot the sound is sound device is c-media AC97 i think? n vidia g force ???? if thats any more help.

  Gongoozler 21:41 29 Apr 04

I can only make a guess here. I would assume that you have onboard sound, and that other than the sound dying, the computer is behaving normally. I assume also that when you reboot you don't actually switch off the speaker power. This would lead me to think that there is a hardware problem in your onboard sound circuit. If I'm right, then I think your best bet would be to disable the onboard sound and fit a pci sound card. You can get them for less than £10, although for quality sound you would need to spend about twice that amount.

  thesut 22:00 29 Apr 04

how do i know if ihave on board sound opr not?
Yes ur right my pc is behaving normally & i dont turn off my speaker power when i reboot.

  Gongoozler 22:15 29 Apr 04

Hi thesut. There are a few clues. At the back of your computer you will see a number of slots for expansion cards. If your computer is MicroATX (matx), there will probably be 3 of these slots. If your speaker cable plugs into a socket in one of these slots, you don't have onboard sound. There will also be a panel in the case where there are several connectors, some with many pins and some usb. If your speaker socket is in this panel, you probably do have onboard sound. If you have two front bays for cd-rom etc, then you probably have a matx motherboard and onboard sound. The other way of finding if you have onboard sound without opening the case is to look into your BIOS settings.

  thesut 22:39 29 Apr 04

yes i do have onboard sound.i will see how much more it pees me off before switching. thanks

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