Windows XP photo imaging

  surfer47 19:42 21 Oct 07

I have recently installed a second photo editing package on my PC and I want to be able to choose which one processes my photos. When I put the camera memory card into the card reader and plug it into a USB socket the latest software seizes control and I would prefer that the original one was in charge. Is there any way I can do that?

  woodchip 19:51 21 Oct 07

All you need to do is open the Photo edit program then click open, browse to the Memory card

  Technotiger 19:58 21 Oct 07

I put the camera memory card into the card reader and plug it into a USB socket ....

Hmm, you appear to be doing this backwards? Plug USB card reader in first, then insert cameras' card.

  skidzy 20:12 21 Oct 07

Try from

Start / Default programs / set program access and defaults.

If Vista click here

  Totally-braindead 20:17 21 Oct 07

skidzy has it, alternatively if you delete the program you wish to use and reinstall it it will probably take over and make itself the default program - notice I say probably as it might not.

  woodchip 20:20 21 Oct 07

You can do it this way open the Memory card so you can see files. then click one hold shift key and press right click on the file then choose use other program choose the program from list then click always use

  skidzy 20:23 21 Oct 07

Any news on the lappy mate ?

  surfer47 19:34 22 Oct 07

Thanks everybody. The second suggestion from woodchip worked best for me.
Not sure what the reference to lappy meant though.

  Technotiger 19:57 22 Oct 07

lappy = laptop :-)

  woodchip 20:19 22 Oct 07

No it went about 2.30PM last Thursday but not heard anything yet. Will let you know when it comes back. I am at the moment trying to revive a 200Gb Seagate drive but it looks like damage to the boot sector, It is showing Read Write errors as I test it. Not sure if FDISK can do anything with a 200Gb drive any thoughts ?

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