Windows XP Password

A friend's wife left him (Divorce) and her parting gift wast to change the log on password (Administrator), is there a way to circumvent this as he has all his work files on his home PC.

  ajm 20:08 11 Jan 04
  Jester2K 20:08 11 Jan 04

Nope (for obvious reasons).

He'll need to either get or guess the password or reinstall Windows.


You are a life saver.

Thank you

[email protected]

Jester I understand the reasons behind what your saying? If he re-installs would his files saved be 100% safe from being overwritten.

  Big Elf 20:12 11 Jan 04

$195! Still I suppose if it's all your data...

$195! Still I suppose if it's all your data... ???????????

  Jester2K 20:13 11 Jan 04

No not 100%.If they weren't overwritten then he'd still have problems getting permission from XP to access the files......

I guess ajm has the answer for him though.

Thanks Jester for an honest oppinion

  keenan 20:15 11 Jan 04
  Big Elf 20:21 11 Jan 04

Wasn't a critism. I was commenting on the cost. But if I didn't have backups I would gladly pay that to get my data back.

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