Windows Xp Menus

  livewire 19:00 21 Jun 03

when i right click on an icon or place on my desktop the menu takes forever to load.
is there a way of speeding the menu up?
I belive i have heard of a solution but i cant remember it.

  VoG® 19:10 21 Jun 03

This works with the Start menu, not sure about context menus click here

NB do not change the setting to zero!

  powerless 19:13 21 Jun 03

Start > Run > Type:


Click ok.

Follow this path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

Find: MenuShowDelay in the long list.

Double click and change the value data to 0

You could also turn of some of XP's features. From control panel > System > Advanced > Settings (first one).

  powerless 19:14 21 Jun 03

Why not?

Can't handle the speed eh?

  livewire 19:15 21 Jun 03

thanks so much VoG my problem has been solved

  livewire 19:16 21 Jun 03

because change it to 0 and unwanted menus appear too quickly which is why there is delay in the first place!

  powerless 19:17 21 Jun 03

I know that - But it appears ok for me

  livewire 19:26 21 Jun 03

I can't see why it would cause a problem either

  VoG® 19:37 21 Jun 03

- I can't remember who - who had set it to zero and reported problems. I think mine's set at 100.

  powerless 19:43 21 Jun 03

Whatever works for you.

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