Windows XP Home. Will not install.

  BOOTC 23:08 26 Jul 04

I have been trying to install Windows XP Home upgrade on a PC running '98SE. All software/hardware upgrades have been carried out. Each time I get to the point at which the Pc reboots and Windows XP installs I get a blue screen and a message "SETUP DETERMINED THAT DRIVE C: IS CORRUPTED AND CANNOT BE REPAIRED. SETUP CANNOT CONTINUE. QUIT SETUP"
PC works fine under '98SE. There is plenty of hard disk space and 512mb RAM. Any ideas please?

  Chegs ® 23:24 26 Jul 04

Been there,done that! I have spent most of the last week with these type of messages.In my case,1st one hdd failed(last tuesday)then the other failed today.I would copy all your hardware drivers to CD(or,if no writer,another partition)and try using the XP CD to format the C:\ drive,then clean install XP.An Upgrade to XP over a 98 install is likely to be buggy and unstable(usually right after you have d/l'ed the 40+mbs of updates,it crashes)

  son-of-a-gun 23:34 26 Jul 04

This may be a mile off beam, please remember


Back in the day's when I was using Win 3.1 I had an upgrade to Win 95 I used to format the HD install DOS cause it only worked under DOS put 95 CD in drive, Win 3.1 : 1st floppy in drive and run Win 95 install. When it said where is prior version of 3.1 I told it to look in floppy drive it would then load a complete install of Win 95.

This just might work with yours but no guarantees I would try a clean install of 98SE to check this will work then try the above if it does not you can always put 98 back on if this does work and XP does not.

BUT are you sure your system is clear of any virus

Run Scan disk under 98 SE check for errors on drive in safe mode if it will allow & also in normal manner.

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