WIndows XP Home or XP Pro what is the differnce?

  Lurch123 23:59 06 Mar 03

I am about to but a new PC. Most come with XP Home but can be upgraded to XP Pro. Can anyone explain the differences between the 2. I still hear from people that Windows 98 is less problematical and I read too many things about driver problems and things not working properly when you change over. What do you think.

  Simon_P 00:08 07 Mar 03

Dirver problems only exist with older hardware
XP is an excelent OS

98 was a reasonable OS in its time but then again so was a Pentium before pII/111 etc

More info between the two OS's click here

and look in either or both XP home or XP Pro menus

  woodchip 00:14 07 Mar 03

You can run more games and software on 98se I prefer it but if you want the latest to keep up with the Joneses click here

Full version not an upgrade

  Tony-B 01:00 07 Mar 03


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