windows XP home, noisy

  aine 19:55 13 Aug 08

My wifes PC is running the above, it appears to be a bit more noisier than previous. before I investigate to far, has anyone some positive things to look at. I cleaned it out 3 months ago. could it be the fan or do you think the hard drive is getting tired? The PC is four years old, its a dell dimension 3000. Any suggestions would be helpful Aine

  DieSse 20:02 13 Aug 08

What sort of noise are you talking about - have you tried to isolate it to anything particular.

In hot weather, temperature controlled fans often run faster, and therefore noisier.

  MAT ALAN 20:17 13 Aug 08

I cleaned it out 3 months ago!!! You would be surprised how much dust can collect in that time, time to redo me thinks.
You will get a better idea if you run it for a short time with the side of your case off you may be able to pin point where the noise is coming from....

Put me money on fans...

  aine 14:46 15 Aug 08

Many thanks for your replies. The pc required cleaning, both Fans were dusty, the worst being the PSU fan. After cleaning like a church mouse. Regards Aine

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