Windows XP home - no Desktop or safe mode

  rayyee 11:07 21 Jul 03

My computer running XP home will not now display Desktop, after having disconnected it and moved it to a new position.

It will start up normaly with the diplay as normal splash screen loading XP etc. When the desktop is supposed to display its just a blank screen. It seems the computer will opperate normally all dings and beeps sound normal and I can use the keyboard to shut down and restart like normal.

After going to safe mode a couple of times, it just now hangs at the dos listing.

I have a feeling that the graphics card has had it (Sapphire Alantis Pro 9000 64mb).

any ideas?

  Steven135 12:53 21 Jul 03

Have you checked inside the case to see if anything has worked loose during the relocating?

  rayyee 10:02 22 Jul 03

Yes I have checked and reseated the graphic card every thing seems to be in place, still no joy

  Diemmess 12:21 22 Jul 03

Nothing positive to offer but just talking around the problem.

You say it will start up normally with the "splash screen loading XP etc"

The graphics card must be working to some extent to see that far?
(Mutters to himself - "You knew where you were with '98 this new fangled XP - arrgh!")

  plankton 13:14 22 Jul 03

At the risk of me sounding like a wozzock, have you rechecked all the wiring? (especially speakers, mouse and monitor).

  AndySD 13:33 22 Jul 03

Do you have the XP cd or a recovery disk?

  rayyee 13:50 22 Jul 03

Yep Rechecked all the connecions Mouse Keyboard Monitor etc. still no Joy.

I have the XP cd no recovery disk.

I have just recived a new graphics card will try again tonight.

  rayyee 11:38 23 Jul 03

Right tried the new graphics card, still not working leads me to think it's a faulty motherboard? maybe I will upgrade M'board Processor for £130 wich would probably cost me the same amount if I take it to a PC doctor!

Anyway will put the new graphics card into my work computer.

  Philip2 16:10 23 Jul 03

Ok this is a pain reformat and reinstall the OS if you were running Windows 98 before upgrading to XP reinstall Windows 98 first and see if your computer will work.I can think of no other way XP is a very good OS but if it gets a bug in the software you will go a round and round trying to find the problem.

  rayyee 16:20 23 Jul 03

Just thinking that, but how to reformat when I can't get a command promp or a windows interface?

  Philip2 20:31 23 Jul 03

Put your XP disk full version into the drive and reinstall the OS,you could try to repair it using the repair consul but i have never used this don't foget to back up your files as all data will be lost.

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