Windows XP Home - Clock resetting randomly

  Sheepish 15:07 05 Aug 07

For some reason the time (and occasionaly date) are changing themselves. They've never gone forward, just back.
Virus scans haven't highlighted anything. Unchecking the 'Automatically synchronise with an Internet time server' option made no difference.
Any idea what might be causing this and a solution?

  Al94 15:08 05 Aug 07

sounds like the CMOS battery is weak.

  Sheepish 15:15 05 Aug 07

Thanks Al94. How might I check the battery?

  birdface 15:22 05 Aug 07

Yes sounds like a new battery may be needed.

  birdface 15:31 05 Aug 07

Sorry don't know how to check it,But it is on the motherboard looks like a very large watch battery,Normally about £2 to buy a new one.Better getting further advice before you try re-newing as it may affect your BIOS settings.

  Al94 15:32 05 Aug 07

click here for help

  Sheepish 22:02 05 Aug 07

Thanks for the help

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