Windows XP Home, Boot problems ???????

  gios100 14:43 04 Jul 05

Hi My pc is running XP home.

For some reason it won't boot up.

It runs through the usual menu, then it hangs when it gets to the blue screen with the windows logo and says "Windows is starting up", it just stays like that?

Any Ideas, tried safe mode and that won't work either.


  rawprawn 15:27 04 Jul 05

Have you tried booting from the CD and then do a system file check or Restore, or choose last known good configuration instead of safe mode

  gios100 15:54 04 Jul 05

Tried last known config, no joy.

Also tried the Directory services restore mode.

This says the disc is clean then goes to the screen where it hangs?

Not tried booting to CD yet.

Can I use an XP Pro disc to boot to? instead of Home edition?

  rawprawn 16:35 04 Jul 05

Not sure, but you could try it.

  rawprawn 16:37 04 Jul 05

You may need your Home Edition disc anyway if all fails, the best way will be to repair XP.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:10 04 Jul 05

You can use any XP disk (of the same sort) to repair an installation and you do not have to use the one that came with the computer but you will have to confirm your code at some time. I usually keep an XP disk for this eventuality if someone else's computer is mis-behaving.

On a repair you should not lose any files.

If a computer is totally shot I use a version of Bart's XP PE, a separate operating system that uses the DVD disk as a ramdisk. This enables me to see the C drive and copy any important info using Winternal Commander in case I cannot revive the computer or just as a back up.


  rawprawn 18:46 04 Jul 05

click here Scroll down to windows repair, print out and follow the insructions.

  rawprawn 18:48 04 Jul 05

Re the above link, it actually says "How to run a Windows Repair Install"

  gios100 22:06 05 Jul 05

Sorted it.

Connected the H/D to another pc with a virus checker on it, set it as slave. as soon as the pc booted it deleted a exe virus.

Then I scanned the H/D and there where loads of pups and quite a few trojons.

Set t back to master refitted it the pc and "Bobs your Uncle" its working fine.

Are there any known viruses that could have caused this?

  rawprawn 08:12 06 Jul 05

I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know there are lessons to be learned from your experience. Get yourself an AV such as Avast or AVG, and an antispyware program such as Adaware and Spybot. Keep them up to date and run them regularly.

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