Windows XP I over-reacting?

  Fateful Shadow 22:46 13 Jun 03

I was online, playing a Shockwave game, when my laptop screen went off, appeared with a blue screen for about 1/2 a second with lots of writing on, and restarted.
When I logged back on, a message popped up saying a "Serious error had occured." I sent the message to Windows, but the web page with the crash diagnosis won't load.
Do Windows want to put things like "serious" when really the problem is minor?!

  Fateful Shadow 22:50 13 Jun 03

Apparently it was a driver problem.
Could be smething to do with Shockwave.
Should I be worried?!

  VoG® 22:51 13 Jun 03

Disabling the ?restart on system failure? feature may permit the exact cause to be isolated: Right-click on My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab. Under ?Startup & Recovery,? click Settings. Under ?System Failure,? uncheck the box in front of ?Automatically restart.?

Source click here

  VoG® 22:53 13 Jun 03

This site cannot handle quote characters!!!

Is anybody (from PCA) taking note of this. I want my TM back (which is trivial) but this is silly...........

  Fateful Shadow 22:58 13 Jun 03

I'm sorry VoG.

It's just so happens that I am 14, and at the moment I am doing a GCSE in ICT. Not only do I not know as much as all the computer boffins around PCA, but I am also trying to learn, by getting advice from the experts.

OK...nag over

  jazzypop 23:06 13 Jun 03

Sorry mate, but I can input 'single' 'quotes, as well as "double" "quotes".

IE6, XP, SP1.

I'll try again using Phoenix (Mozilla source code).

  VoG® 23:06 13 Jun 03

Sorry, please understand I was having a go at the site - certainly not at you.

Do what I posted and note down the exact error message. That will help us pinpoint the resolution.

I'm keeping my age to myself but it is >>14

  jazzypop 23:08 13 Jun 03

Just a test for VoG - 'single' and "double" quotes.

Fateful Shadow, please just ignore us 'hijacking' your thread

  jazzypop 23:09 13 Jun 03

The second post was using Phoenix - seemed OK.

  Gaz 25 23:10 13 Jun 03

''' <<<< single quotes """"""" <<<< double quotes

  VoG® 23:12 13 Jun 03

Try posting the text from click here

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