Windows XP - DVD-ROM Problem - HELP !!!

  Rob B. 12:40 22 Oct 07


My Windows XP running PC has a 'shop fitted' Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-348B Firmware Version: T503 fitted.

Unfortunately I can't seem to burn any DVD's ?

If I put 700mb discs in the drive they're recognised fine BUT as soon as I try 4.7gb ones Ikeep getting told to insert the disc - i.e. they're not recognised ?

I've tried everything that a 'novice' like me can do simply but to no avail - can someone out there please, please help mee ?

Many thanks,

Rob B.

  brundle 12:43 22 Oct 07

Apparently that drive is a DVD ROM/CDRW; click here

  brundle 12:44 22 Oct 07

Which I should have noticed in your title...which answers your problem..DVD Read Only..

  Taff™ 12:51 22 Oct 07

DVD burners are cheap as chips click here or have a look in your local PC World.

  Rob B. 12:52 22 Oct 07

Hi Brundle and thanks for your reply.
Excuse my ignorance but are you saying this drive will only read and play genuine DVD's - which I can usually do BUT not allow me to burn them back from my hard drive ?
I can play and record from CD's OK ?
Again, sorry to seem so dim !
Rob B.

  brundle 12:53 22 Oct 07

You hit the nail on the head

  Rob B. 12:58 22 Oct 07

Thanks Brundle - can you recommend a cheap & cheerful DVD-Writer that I can plug and play in one of my USB ports as opposed to actually fit in ?
Do these generally accept CD's as well or are 2 different drives needed ?
thanks agin,
Rob B.

  Taff™ 13:07 22 Oct 07

click here and I would suggest you take the Favourite choice. Excellent company to deal with and next day delivery is standard.

I should say that fitting one internally is a far better option - any reason for wanting an external model.

  Taff™ 13:13 22 Oct 07

By the way these types of drives will handle CD`s as well.

  Rob B. 13:19 22 Oct 07

Thanks Taff - External gives me more scope for using for my pc, both of my childrens and also my lap-top. Any suggestions / recommendations ?
Rob B.

  rdave13 13:53 22 Oct 07

I've had this one for a while and no problems; click here . I'd shop around though as you might get a cheaper drive.

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