Windows XP cannot find msconfig so Hattersley article no help

  curiouser 16 Feb 12

I typed 'Start, Run and Enter' but get the message 'Windows cannot find msconfig' so am stuck at this point and unable to progress with this month's R. Hattersley article 'Get a Faster Safer PC'. Can anyone help please? Curiouser

  buteman 16 Feb 12

There are some other programs the likes of C Cleaner I believe or WinPatrol to mention a couple which you can use to stop programs running at start up.

If you have the proper XP CD you could run sfc /scannow and see if it finds any problems.

  northumbria61 16 Feb 12

A system file can be damaged in some way or another that makes it unable to start. I would suggest running sfc /scannow to let xp repair or replace the system files that may be damaged. If no joy you might consider doing a short hop restore. This means just go back in hours not days. Or do a last known good configuration.

If you have a Windows XP install disc do the following -

Insert Windows CD run sfc /scannow or do a repair install.

  northumbria61 16 Feb 12

OR an alternative would be to download the msconfig.exe file from this link and copy the file to the relevant location on your computer.

enter link description here

  buteman 16 Feb 12

Have you tried running your security programs to make sure you do not have a virus.


  lotvic 16 Feb 12

If you've got it on your pc you can create a shortcut and put it on your desktop if you want to. Or you could start it from it's location.

rightclick My Computer -> Copy and paste the following in Address Bar, click to go to:


select (highlight) MSConfig.exe and rightclick and create shortcut, drag the shortcut to your desktop.

  lotvic 16 Feb 12

typo: missed out explore so should be 'rightclick My Computer -> choose Explore

  buteman 16 Feb 12

Looks like this free program will do it for you.


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