Windows XP Backup help.

  Daibus 19:50 11 Sep 04

I know that there is quite a lot of correspondence regarding Backup, rightly so as it is a most important subject.

Being a novice, I still find diffulcty in getting to grips with it, but today I tried again with the version that comes with Windows XP Home.
Managed to create a .bkf file which I sent to the Desktop, but when I tried to send the file to CD/R device, after clicking on Browse, only Floppy drive would show, no other external device was on view.
I would like to know why this is, and also, when you click on the .bkf file, the contents of the file cannot be seen.

I'm sorry if this a simple question but I thank you in advance, for your help.

  neko 19:55 11 Sep 04


I maybe wrong but I don't think you can save it to a CD through the wizard.

When I have done it I have saved it to the desk top, or wherever you want and then saved it to a CD from there.

  neko 20:02 11 Sep 04

Hi again

Sorry I missed the other point.

You can't open a .bkf file. When you run the backup wizard and you want to restore your backup there is an option to do so. Windows understands the .bkf file and restores your data

  Gongoozler 20:04 11 Sep 04

Alongside the box with omly the A drive in it you should have a "Browse" button. From there you should be able to backup to any destination.

  neko 20:12 11 Sep 04

Whenever I have tried that it will allow me to select the drive but will not allow me to write to it. On both my PCs it is the same. Unless of course I am doing something really stupid!!

  neko 20:31 11 Sep 04

click here

Read this from above.

How do you create a link on this forum?

  neko 20:32 11 Sep 04

It obviously does it for you doh!

  Spark6 20:46 11 Sep 04

I did a full system backup this afternoon, for the first time, to a slave disc using XP Pro SP2.

As Gongoozler has already stated, I used the 'Browse' button, alongside the A drive box, and had a selection of destinations to save to. Try it again.


  neko 21:03 11 Sep 04

I have tried it again.

It will not do it. It allows you to select it but then says it is not a valid path when you actually try to save it. I have now tried it on two xp home machines and one xp pro machine.

The link I stated said it can't be done as well. Do you think there is maybe a patch I need and a lot of others obviously need?

I'd appreciate anybody's feedback.

  neko 21:05 11 Sep 04

Hey I just noticed you said to a slave disc.

The original question was to a cd/r/rw.

I always save mine to a HD. It lets you do that.

  neko 21:15 11 Sep 04

Microsoft response

When you select the backup device in the Backup tool (Ntbackup.exe), you cannot select a compact disc-recordable (CD-R), compact disc-rewritable (CD-RW), or digital video disc-recordable (DVD-R) device.
Ntbackup.exe does not support backing up to CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD-R drives because Removable Storage Management cannot recognize CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD-R drives as backup pool media (although you can add these media types in Removable Storage Management).
To overcome this limitation, use Backup to back up your data to a file. Then, use the software that was included with your CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD-R drive to burn the file on the disc.

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