Windows XP 64 bit edition

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:57 14 May 04


Has anyone got any info on this please?

I have heard it's a free download but there seems to be a problem with the relevant page on the MS site.

Ideally I would like to know if it's the proper thing or a beta thingy that I'd be better off steering clear of.

If anyone can provide a link to the download page, that would be great as I would like to make sure that I am trying to access the right one.



  SANTOS7 23:02 14 May 04
  QuickHare 23:03 14 May 04

Just ensuring that you know its a 360-day trial? And as Microsoft are usually fixing problems up to the release date (and mostly afterwards, too), it'd probably be a beta. However, all I know is that it's an "evaluation version", accessible from Microsoft if you click here .

  SANTOS7 23:04 14 May 04

click here this may help as well, good luck

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:18 14 May 04

Santos7 your first link and quickhare's link both lead to a page which says "We’re sorry, we were unable to service your request. As an option, you may visit any of the pages below for information about Microsoft services and products." and has a long list of links (ones which look relevant lead to the same!)

I assume you can access these pages so it must be a problem at my end.

Santos7 your 2nd link has kind of talked me out of it for now.

Oh, and no, Iwasnit aware it was a trial.

Thanks for the help.


  Gaz W 23:18 14 May 04

I was going to post a question on here about whether it was worth getting Athlon 64 systems, etc, until there was a suitable OS (namely Windows).

This goes into My Postings for future reference.

  QuickHare 23:27 14 May 04

Look at the Readers' Writes section of the PC Advisor this month, falling on the door mats today or out in the shops soon. Nice question about XP64.

Also, I haven't tried the link I posted. It was in said magazine, read earlier today....

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