Windows XP

  Adaldan 11:07 03 Jan 08

Happy New Year to all!!!

I need your much valued advice again. I recently loaded XP onto an old computer, but then found that some old software would not work with it. I now need to uninstall XP and put 98 back on and am really struggling.

XP doesn't show up on the list when I go to Add/remove programmes and I am not being allowed to load 98 whilst XP is on there.

Can anyone please adivse me on how I can uninstall XP?

Major thanx in advance.


  MAJ 11:09 03 Jan 08

Have you tried running the software in Win 98 compatibility mode within XP?

  MAJ 11:11 03 Jan 08

Your post doesn't make it clear whether you upgraded to XP or if you did a clean install of XP.?

  Ganymede 11:22 03 Jan 08

If the old computer has a cd drive and you have the original Windows 98 installation CD then:
1. Ensure the computer tries to boot from CD when you switch it on. If it does not you need to change the BIOS settings (press the SetUp key which could be Del or F1 or Esc or another key on switch on).
2. Insert the CD.
3. Switch off, wait 10 seconds, switch computer back on. Follow install instructions.

  Pamy 11:29 03 Jan 08

Just format the disk, all data will be removed, then re-install 98

  Adaldan 18:53 03 Jan 08

Thanx to everyone who kindly responded, I really do appreciate it. If I can't solve the problem now I may as well give up and go back to pen and paper.

Cheers again


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