Windows XP

  poogles_uk 09:42 19 Jan 04

Why are there multiple SVChost.exe files running? On a quick count they are taking over 22mb of ram

Why a period of non hdd activity before activity on windows xp loading screen? The bar moves accross about 20 times before any HDD activity.

  Chegs ® 09:44 19 Jan 04
  Jester2K 09:44 19 Jan 04

SVChost.exe - each one is runnign a differnt process. This is normal.

Windows Loading - maybe Window is doing processor work and not eading / writing to / from the HDD. The speed at which this occurs depends on your PC spec. What spec is your PC??

  poogles_uk 09:46 19 Jan 04

What is gearsec.exe from gear security?
What is the 1934 network connection?
What files would i need to copy to get spider solitaire to work on a 98 machine?

  poogles_uk 09:48 19 Jan 04

Rev 2 Asus A7N8X-D, 1.2ghz, 512mb ram, 40gb 7200rpm.

I am going to get a PR2800+ or something soon.

My dad has a 2400+ laptop, that loads quicker.

  poogles_uk 09:51 19 Jan 04

what is a Recgclean replacement for XP?

  A Cat Called George 10:51 19 Jan 04

All you need to copy to make spider work is the Spider.exe file, put in the Windows folder. However you must copy it from a machine running Windows Me. The version included with Windows XP is incompatible with Windows 95/98/98se/ME.

  Jester2K 10:53 19 Jan 04

Use RegSeeker click here

  poogles_uk 18:36 20 Jan 04

Ok, ill have to extract it from my win ME cd.

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