windows won't boot up

  snowho 21:34 06 Apr 08

I inserted my hard drive with windows xp on it into a different pc I was given as it had better specs. However now the pc starts up but windows doesnt boot up. It is stuck in a loop always restarting just before the windows screen should show. I have tried to restore windows with a CD but it doesnt seem to be recognised. I have played around with different boot up sequences in BIOS set up but it makes no difference. Please help, I would like to keep the files on the hard drive but I realise this is probbly not possible.

  woodchip 21:44 06 Apr 08

It will not work as it's for a different computer

  rickf 21:46 06 Apr 08

This is because XP would not allow you to do this. The OS recognises that its a different PC and it is. You would need to have another copy of XP with a COA. Install that, then use the old H/D as a slave.

  rickf 21:48 06 Apr 08

Looks like our messages crossed each other woodchip.

  snowho 21:49 06 Apr 08

what there is no possible way? That seems a bit strange is that just XP being awkward then?

  snowho 21:55 06 Apr 08

so i will need to buy a new windows?

  rickf 15:50 07 Apr 08

In short, yes. the XP disc is meant only for the computer its installed in.Microsoft allows you to change up to 3 components on your motherboard w/o any problems. More than that, it will not install.

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