Windows Vista Score System

  smudge6521 19:52 20 Mar 09

Can anybody shed any light on this matter. I have just upgraded my PC form 2gb RAM to 8gb RAM. My processor is a intelcore(tm)2 CPU 6400 2.13GHZ,2.13GHZ. 32 bit OS VISTA Ultimate, NVDIA Geforce 8800 GTX. However after installing the RAM my windows score has remained at 5.1 which apparently relates to the lowest score which is shown as processor calcs per second. Any advice appreciated

  citadel 19:54 20 Mar 09

I would say the ram is working at the same speed only there is more in reserve.

  MAJ 20:03 20 Mar 09

A 32-bit operating system wont recognise 8GB of RAM, only 4GB maximum.

  smudge6521 20:19 20 Mar 09

Maj I installed the RAM mainly for gaming purposes, suppose its still OK then even though it only recognises 4gb at least Ive got the option to upgrade to a 64 bit system later on down the line. I take it running this much RAM will not cause any problems. Tks for advice

  MAJ 20:25 20 Mar 09

I don't think it'll cause any problems having the extra RAM installed, smudge6521. You say your score is 5.1? I thought the maximum you could receive was 5?

  Woolwell 20:35 20 Mar 09

MAJ - the maximum is 5.9. My system has a total score of 5.4 click here

smudge6521 - You are correct in that it is governed by the lowest score. What is your individual memory score? The RAM above 3 Gb will not help you unless you have 64 bit. You need to look at your hard drive, processor and graphics card and the PSU to drive it all.

  smudge6521 20:46 20 Mar 09

Woolwell my memory score is 5.6, my graphics is 5.9 the rest are 5.6 apart from my processor calcs per sec which are scored at 5.1 and as it takes the overall score from my lowest value it scores at 5.1. When I originally bought the PC my score was 5.4 but I realise technology has moved on a bit in 18 months so I guess thats why my score may have dropped just a little.

  MAJ 20:49 20 Mar 09

Thanks for that, Woolwell, committed to memory for the future.

  Woolwell 21:55 20 Mar 09

Not sure why your processor score should have dropped.

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