Windows Vista Home or XP Pro?

  belmore1 16:56 18 Sep 07

I need to change my pc and cannot decide if I should keep to Windows XP Pro or go for Windows Vista Home.

I know I could stick with XP Pro and upgrade at a later date but am a bit wary of potential problems an upgrade could cause.

Would much appreciate some feedback and advice.

  hawthorn59 18:02 18 Sep 07

I am in a similar situation; basically its because Ive heard lots of problems with Vista. But then again I suppose we only read about the problems, I presume thousands of users are quite happy with it.

Do some programmes not work with it? eg I have Works Suite 2003 which is fine, but would I have to buy a new version?

Maybe these questions have all been asked there another topic or thread perhaps?



  belmore1 19:00 18 Sep 07

I do a lot of photo editing and have attempted video edit. Plus usual email and word processing.
I do like the extra features of XP Pro.

I know there could be driver problems with Vista with the possibility that my scanner and printer may not work.

  martjc 19:52 18 Sep 07

...unless you want to embark on an adventure of serendipitous discovery, stick to XP for now. If you decide later to change, in the case of ALL new operating systems, it will be better to use a full install rather than an upgrade.

  belmore1 14:52 19 Sep 07

Will probably stick with XP Pro for now.
Many thanks for the help and advice.

  dazza39 16:50 19 Sep 07

Lol, i'm sticking with XP Home for now,I know its reliable and stable now ,heehee.

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