Windows Vista DVD

  TomG 13:36 30 Aug 06


Does anyone have a dvd with a working copy of Windows Vist on it that they would be prepared to send to me?
I'll send back a blank DVD if required.

  Stuartli 15:23 30 Aug 06
  Stuartli 15:24 30 Aug 06

Pretty hefty as you have obviously realised...:-)

  TomG 17:31 30 Aug 06


I have seen similar articles - but as the download is only to a select few i thought i'd ask so i could try it out

  X™ 17:54 30 Aug 06

Where do you live? I MAY be able to send you one. No promises, sorry!

  TomG 18:07 30 Aug 06

Near Aldershot

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:16 30 Aug 06

I believe the download is no longer available. As for using someone elses copy, you will not have your own valid product key.

  X™ 18:20 30 Aug 06

Ahh, true. It may not be legal.

  TomG 18:29 30 Aug 06

true - but the vista beta ceases to work in 2007 and its a beta which microsoft were offering for free so i'm not totally sure if if the same licencing laws apply (i.e. if i was asking for your copy of xp with your licence key.

  X™ 18:59 30 Aug 06

Meh, OK, I'll try and send you one I guess. If it's on a DVD/RW I'll need it back!

  PSF 22:33 30 Aug 06

click here it is free for the first 100,000 downloads.

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