Windows Vista Beta download (ISO) where?

  Internetwhizzkid 16:59 15 Mar 07


When the windows vista download came available to public I wanted to try it, sadly my previos computer had no DVD RW and was not compatible. Anyway now that I have a pc that is, Does anyone know where I will be able to download and ISO image of the software, I do have a LEGAL serial and am just struggling to find the Image, as I lost it.

Does anyone know where I will be able to download it from. I would rather not have to download it using peer to peer applications ( bitlord etc)



  Jimmy14 17:03 15 Mar 07

If you have a legal serial key then the only way you would have obtained it would have been buying it which means you would have got the DVD with it. There is no-where it can be downloaded legally for free.

  Internetwhizzkid 17:05 15 Mar 07

the beta used to be when it first came out to the public in 2006

  crosstrainer 17:08 15 Mar 07

Since Vista is now released, you can no longer obtain the Beta version from MS. The only way you would get a copy (and I would strongly advise against this) is maybe ebay.

Why not buy a copy, much safer in the long run.

  Internetwhizzkid 17:11 15 Mar 07

Well no im not going to do that because I have the Vista Basic version in the post from the free upgarde i got with the new computer. I just wanted to get the beta so that I could see and use the aero interface for myself, but it just looks like I will have to stay with Basic,

actually thats really got on my nerves why does everyone get premium now and I get Basic I want premium, pain in the A$$


  crosstrainer 17:14 15 Mar 07

I'm surprised they only gave you basic...I am an oem and always provide home premium. You could upgrade this online, but I think that giving you basic is a rather mean stunt to say the least.

  Internetwhizzkid 17:16 15 Mar 07

I know and the things that I use my Pc for ( dvd editing music etc) is more than enough for premium

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