Windows Vista Backwards Compatibility

  Genius1 13:28 28 Apr 06

If I choose to upgrade to Vista, will all of my existing programs and games install and run successfully?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:31 28 Apr 06

Who knows ;-)

Some will but without saying what they are, there can be no certainties.

It seems that a high physical spec is needed for Vista - that will likely be more of a concern for most users.

  Genius1 18:22 29 Apr 06

Thanks Diodorus Siculus. I've already posted a similar thread about Vista Specs click here but just wondered about compatibility. I guess we will just have to wait then!...

  Methedrine 20:51 29 Apr 06

PC Format ran an article on this the other month and the conclusion was, as Diodorus Siculus says, some will, some won't. Best bet is to sit tight with your current OS until firewalls and AV and the like can make patches/new programs that will run on Vista.

  wolfie3000 00:41 30 Apr 06

This thread has got me in a panic!!!

I am gonna have to get vista for Halo 2 but will my other games work?

Oh god! oh god! oh god!

I wont sleep tonight.

Im gonna need therapy if they dont work on vista.

Lets hope Microsoft vista is backward compatible.


  €dstowe 07:11 30 Apr 06

Microsoft lost a lot of goodwill with XP not being compatible with a lot of older Windows programs. I'm pretty sure they will not repeat that with future versions.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:32 30 Apr 06


Do a dual boot with XP or whatever your current OS is.

  Cesar 09:20 30 Apr 06

Windows XP gives you the choice to run your Programmes in compatability mode if this function is retained in Vista you will have no problems.

  Genius1 20:01 01 May 06

wolfie3000, I hope you slept OK last night and my thread didn't cause you too much anguish! Thanks for the other responses everyone.

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