Windows Vista

  tman16 10:24 29 Dec 06


I was wondering when vista comes out will i have any problems with incompatable software, hardware and games?

  anskyber 10:44 29 Dec 06

30th January. Run the Vista Upgrade Advisor click here

  splatter 10:45 29 Dec 06

Microsoft has a 'Hardware Guidance' section on the Vista website (click here)

  clayton 10:57 29 Dec 06

Did you not see this
click here

  Splodge 13:24 29 Dec 06

I have beta tested Vista since it was offered.
I still have it on a spare HD but spent Christmas re-installing XP.
Lots of reasons but mostly, it is still unwieldy to operate, it does not always run some of my programs, Media Face is one of my most used programs, Acronis8 back-up does not work, although I have upgraded to v10 for under £20.
Most annoying is the crappy games which have replaced Spades and Hearts which I love to play on-line!.
The New York Times reported that a Russian has already found several lookholes and can run computers direct.
Finally, the Hackers will stop testing their skills against my lovely, safe Xp (updated) and go full out against Vista. It is their nature to look for new challenges.

There is no hurry really is there? It may drive you mad having to OK every function as Administrator.

If you want something new and GOOD try Office Professional 2007 beta! I love it, will buy at whatever price and already enjoy converting some word and excel letters into foreign languages. Including Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and many other european languages!

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