Windows Updates slowing down computer

  thumbscrew 12:19 14 Jan 15

Anyone else suffer from a computer crawl during and after the monthly Windows updates? Each month mine becomes pretty unresponsive before, during and for some time after they have finally downloaded.

  northumbria61 12:30 14 Jan 15

thumbscrew - I am not affected by updates in this way but I don't have Automatic Updates - I don't know if you have but it's a possibility.

  SparkyJack 13:18 14 Jan 15

Windows needs it 'update fix

One of my flock was trying sports measures to get aronhd 'persistence of upgrades' As he called it.

He took the following advice-problem solved.

My advice end the session andlet the download session take place. Best time. Bedtime leave the machine on. When you get up restart the machine to allow installation.


  thumbscrew 15:21 14 Jan 15

Cheers SparkyJack and northumbria 61. I could turn off automatic, but then I wouldn't know which ones to download manually???

  SparkyJack 15:52 14 Jan 15

Check control panel. 'Automatic allows for convenient time time for you.

  thumbscrew 17:41 14 Jan 15

Didn't quite follow that SparkyJack.

  thumbscrew 21:53 14 Jan 15

Many thanks Jock, all done.

  christinebelle 04:07 15 Jan 15

The windows update sometimes including some drivers, so i think you can update some drivers before you update your system, because some drivers file such as graphic drivers are very big, it takes much time.

  thumbscrew 11:02 15 Jan 15

Thank you AilishAlda and christinebelle.

  northumbria61 11:09 15 Jan 15

My advice would be to ignore updates for drivers if all is running well on your PC to prevent your current one(s) being overwritten. Any driver updates are best obtained from the Manufacturers website. This is the main reason that I choose to install MS updates manually and always suggest this to others.

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